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Rotary Feeder

Rotary Feeder function wise similar to Rotary valve difference is clearance between shell and Vense is 3-4 mm purpose of Rotary Feeder to Feed large quantity material in short time. Mostly it is used in corser material where size of material between 2-4 mm. Process material should not be brittle. Our Std. models are 75mm dia/ 100 mm dia / 150 mm dia./ 200 mm dia and 250 mm dia ( Next Models design as per customer’s requirement. Design of all models are based on Direct Gear Motor with Chain Sprocket drive.

Twin Screw Feeder

Twin Screw Feeder made for Powder or Non Abrasive material size should be more than 20 mesh. Twin Screw Feeder used where charging point at top and discharge point is at 90 degree, here we are design as per tendency of material. It is useful in Feding material in Rotary Screen, Extruder , Feeding from one vessel to another. Used in Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Food Industry.